Ontario Invests $13.6M in Opportunities for Social Enterprises

The Government of Ontario has announced $13.6M in investments and funding as part of the provincial Social Enterprise Strategy.

The province of Ontario is committed to supporting a thriving marketplace of sustainable and scalable social enterprises that drive economic development while creating social and environmental impact. Ontario’s social enterprise strategy will accelerate the growth of this vital sector, positioning the province as a global leader in social enterprise and social finance by 2021.

To accelerate the growth of the social enterprise sector, the province is making significant commitments in 3 key areas:

1) Equipping social enterprises with solid business fundamentals. Building a strong foundation to serve the communities of today and tomorrow.
2) Connecting social enterprises to markets and capital to grow and scale. Unlocking new markets and capital to help maximize their potential.
3) Demonstrating the value of social enterprise and social finance. Promoting their potential to investors, government, and communities.

Ontario will invest more than $6 million in the first year of this renewed strategy.

Applications for grants will begin in the fall of 2018.

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