Business Valuation Services

Have You Ever Thought About Selling Your Business? Or Buying a Business? Are you interested in learning about how companies are sold and bought? We provide an independent and objective view on the value of businesses, securities and other assets, including intellectual property.

Business value is the sum of the values created by various strategic initiatives. The aggregation of these values is equal to the value of the business. Our proprietary valuation model helps business owners create more valuable businesses. These tools are used to determine the value of the contribution from strategic initiatives such as improving inventory management, collecting receivables faster, increasing the level of net investment, and determining the return on investment (ROI).

Employing our model reduces the likelihood that business owners and management will pursue strategies, and take actions that destroy, rather then enhance, the value of their business. Our model sets down procedures that help businesses understand the options available to create competitive advantage and maximize the value of the business.

We understand that businesses are built from the hard work of the founder, and that value needs to be realized for all parties in a transaction.