Strategy Consulting

Harbord Associates helps business owners to focus their strategic process whereby they can build a strategy that creates and captures new market space. We have worked with clients in the public and private sector to support the creation of effective organizational outcomes through strategy, and organizational change approaches.

In today’s marketplace the sources of competitive advantage have shifted dramatically. Companies that want to succeed will need a new strategic approach that fits into an era where networks and data dominate. In this environment, strategy is no longer about analysis and planning, it is a process of real-time experimentation and customer engagement.

With our strategy building process we bring fresh insight, clarity and deep industry expertise to the table, dig into the numbers, and come up with pragmatic, creative solutions that have a lasting impact.

We work with those who are – and those who aspire to be – market leaders. Clients tell us they like that our advice is clear, insightful, and based on a real understanding of the way their businesses and markets work.